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Great food, great fun great nights in Dublin Category : General

This Sunday is SAX SUNDAY...enjoy live from 6.30-8.30pm - Toscana Restaurant.jpg 

That special day of the year when you shower your bestie with love and gifts is back. Their birthday is around the corner, and you are yet to decide what special gift you should get for them. This year, instead of buying a traditional present, gift them with a fabulous time in Dublin that they will cherish forever. Dublin, steeped in cultural and musical richness, is the ideal place for such a memorable celebration.

Take your loved one to one of Dublin’s landmark venues for an evening of fun and excitement. The O2 in Dublin is the famous amphitheatre at North Wall Quay or The National Concert Hall is another iconic theatre house renound for quality evenings. These are great place to visit in Dublin. They have many famous acts playing almost every night. Ticket Master displays a full listing where you can purchase tickets for almost all Dublin theatres online. Be it a jazzy, classical or lively evening there are great performances by eminent musicians. When great friends meet up on such a special occasion, sparks are bound to fly.

Celebrations are not complete without an elaborate spread.  Toscana, overlooking the Dublin castle, offers the perfect setting for an exclusive birthday dinner. Italian cuisine is a good choice, what with its delicate flavours and scrumptious taste. Head straight for the restaurant located on Dame Street.

Since ours is a “farm to table” restaurant, the food served here is fresh, seasonal and healthy for you. If you feel spoilt for choice, our friendly staff would happily assist you in finalising your order. Keep in mind that you can also order our 3-course group special menu. Plan your day in advance and your friend will have the best birthday celebration.

We are proud to serve delicious menus of healthy choices for every meal. Check our lunch menu, dinner menu and other offers, and enjoy the Italian experience at Toscana Italian Restaurant in Dublin.

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